Friday, August 21, 2009

10 Randoms.

Brian is working tonight, which leaves me with an entire bag of popcorn to myself. Brian loves popcorn, it's his favourite food. When it's just the two of us, I probably only get about 20% of the bag, and then it's gone. But tonight it's just me. Me & an entire bag of popcorn.
10 Random Foods I Love to Indulge In
1. Sour Cream. I know this isn't technically a food, more of a condiment, but I love it. And if there's nachos chips, I don't reach for the salsa, I go for sour cream. I also love dips with a sour cream base (Try the lemon dilly dip from Epicure. Mmmmm).
2. Corn Nuts. Only the plain ones. It disappoints me that people ruin perfectly good corn nuts by adding ranch or cheese seasoning.
3. Nibs. The best scrapbooking food ever. Not greasy & they don't melt.
4. Brie. Clearly. Goes well with most wine, so what can be wrong about it? It's the perfect food.
5. Avocado. I wish they weren't so high in fat so I could justify eating one every day. I'd love it if I could just bite into them like an apple. I put them on everything, sandwiches, salads, nachos, veggies, anything really.
6. Hummus. (With Naan bread preferably). The best I've ever had was at the Laurel Point Inn in Victoria on my Honeymoon. It was so good we went to the lobby and ordered it everyday we were there! If you know of a good Hummus, let me know, I'd be all over it.
7. Those Red, White & Blue Rocket Popsicles.
8. Thai Chicken Wings from The Cactus Club Cafe. If I win the lottery the first thing I am doing is hiring a detective to find the recipe.
9. Candied Nuts on Salads. Pecans especially.
10. Lemons In Sparkling Water. It's better than any pop. I remember working as a waitress & making fun of people who ordered that. I thought there was no waaaay they actually liked it & that they were just trying to be 'fancy'. Then I tried it. Love at first sip.

What's your fav. food to indulge in?


Lee-Anne said...

1. Cheesequake from the Cheesecake Cafe....yum. It is awesome with the Callebaut chocolate on top.

2. M & M peanuts - I love these when I have a chocolate craving.

3. Popcorn - I eat it often. I try to put canola oil on it and not butter. I only order buttered when I go to a theatre.

4. Chocolate covered almonds - the problem is when I start to eat these, I CAN'T stop!

5. Source Lemon yogurt - the best!

6. Original Joe's Hamburger

7. Coca Cola Zero with a lemon slice - I don't drink alcohol so it is my drink of choice.

8. Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

9. Black Twizzlers

10. Nibs, I agree Haley, a great scrapbooking food.

Lee-Anne said...

What a coincidence, we spent our honeymoon at the Laurel Point Inn in Victoria as well!

scraphappy said...

Okay i'm sorry but I HATE nibs. Isaac on the other hand can't get enough of them. It's like cherry flavored plastic to me...just not my thing. Now good hummus on the other hand...mmmmmm. But if its not made right it can be really bad. My other faves though are chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirls. Peanut butter m&m's. And oh those little marshmallow squares with the peanut butter. Okay really gimme a jar of peanut butter and i'm good to go. When i was preggo i lived off peanut butter and cheddar cheese...i'd chop a big piece and dip it in the peanut butter...soo good.

lisa slocombe said...

1.chocolate extreme blizzard from dq.
2.homemade salsa w/ sour cream AND shredded cheddar with multigrain tostitos.

oh, and hey, the ways i justify eating avocado every day is this:
a) it has the GOOD fat in it. for reals!
b) my brother-in-law lived in Peru for 2 years and had an avocado tree in the yard and they spread them on toast in the morn for breaky.