Sunday, August 16, 2009


10 Summer Layout Ideas.

1. Things that are exclusive to summer. When our summers are so short, they're worth the mention. I'm scrapbooking the berries that I always buy (pictured above) on the side of the highway. So juicy. So good.

2. Water. The beach, spray park or kids playing with the hose. There are so many great clear elements (ghost letters, transparencies, dimensional fluid) that can be used to inspire great Water layouts.

3. The Journey, NOT the Destination. There are great road trip & bicycle papers from My Minds Eye in-store right now. On your next trip take a picture of the kids sleeping in the seat or stopped on the side of the road. And the journaling possibilities are endless (What do you do to entertain yourself on a 5 hour trip?)

4. Your Summer Playlist. Most great songs remind me of one summer or another. This summer I've been listening to Jamie Callum. Love him.

5. Summer Snacks. I am dying to scrapbook the many pictures I have of Miles enjoying Watermelon. I am getting excited just thinking of the great combinations of red, green & black paper I can use. I have a good idea for a Freezie page that includes some winter paper too!

6. Toys. That can mean wagons, buckets & trucks. But even adults have summer toys. Our new toys for the summer are Kayaks. But I think I'll do a page of the boats and all the stuff that is now filling our backyard (life jackets, paddles, inter-tubes, towels on the clothesline, fishing rods...)

7. Nature. Like I said, our summers are short... There's only a short window for my Lilys to bloom & I am excited to capture them this year.

8. Your Favourite Time of Day. At the Lake, it's sunset. I have beautiful sunset pictures to scrapbook. But I also love it when it stops raining and the clouds break up.
9. PLAY. Kids playing at the park & with friends. Sibling that will actually play together when all of their friends are gone away. Men playing with their toys (quads & dirt bikes).
10. Dirt & Damage. Dirty feet. Cute little hands that played hard all day. The dirtier than usual summer clothes. Grass stains. Muddy boots. Scraped Knees. Bruised elbows. (And in our case, a baby with a head full of bruises.) Sunburns. Heat rash. Blisters. All signs of a good summer.


Kimberly said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm save me some raspberries

Susan said...

love the picture by the lake!