Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Monday & Tuesday were my days off this week. Which would naturally mean I spent them at three of Calgary's finest establishments... Chinook Centre, South Centre & Market Mall. I didn't buy much, but I did some great pre-shopping! (Waiting for pay day...) And got to people watch, which I love.

10 Things I saw at the Mall(s)
1. The Apple Store. They have a new one in Market Mall & you can play with all the latest Mac gadgets. What a cool store. And it was packed.
2. Wicked Wedge is now in Chinook Centre. Great pizza. No, amazing pizza. And you don't even have to go downtown to get it!
3. A girl who was about 12 years old with the best/worst cleavage I have ever seen. Which prompted a debate on how much control you have over your teenagers wardrobe.
4. Old friends. It was good to see Mike again. And I saw an old friend Tracy & her adorable baby girl Emma. It's always fun to run into people.
5. A pair of Ray Ban's that I immediately added to my Christmas List (but I think it's a bit too late!)
6. A lady drop her baby intentionally. It was a weird shoplifting scam that I sadly witnessed. It's a long story, but I am more than willing to tell it. It was SO weird.
7. In the SAME store, a woman freaking out at a poor guy who innocently asked if she'd like to be on the email list. She freaked out... " I already get about 2 emails a day from you people!". He looked terrified. An argument ensued. (Side note: I get the Gap emails & only get about 1 every 2 weeks. And yesterday it saved me 30% off my entire purchase. If that lady gets the emails, why didn't she have the coupon?) Some people are such Scrooge's.
8. About 50 men watching the "Jumbotron" South Centre has put in. They just relaxed while their wives/children shopped. Brilliant.
9. A waitress who told me that if I ordered the duck it would "change my life". It took everything I had not to burst out laughing (she was 100% serious). I couldn't even make eye contact with Brian. Sorry chicky, but a $13.99 duck from Moxies is NOT going to change my life. Unless I choke on it.
10. A woman who had a Top Deck hair dye job. But from far back both Brian & I thought she had a small animal on her head. As she got closer I had to actually bite my lips. It was unreal. I bet she spends hours on it every morning. It was scary & impressive all at once. I will remember it forever... (?)


Scrapamum said...

Haley, this was the funniest post ever. It always amazes me the different types of people. I love people watching but I think I enjoy hearing about the experience from you even more.
You need to tell us more about this dropped baby thing. I can't believe some one would ever do that (that was the only thing not funny on your 10 things).

the scrap diva said...

I cannot stop laughing about this top ten, it is definitely the funniest one of all (except the bizarre baby dropping incident, that wasn't funny at all. I hope they got arrested!)!!!

Lee-Anne said...

LOVE your sense of humor Haley! Great list! That is terrible about the baby dropping incident. Who in their right mind would do such a thing unless they were a drug addict or something? Anyways, keep on laughing and smiling :).

Krysta said...

Aww Calgary, how I so miss the malls the super malls. Now why did I move back home, oh ya so I can pay the same amount for rent and have malls that are 10 years behind the times.. I so miss you girl, road trip 2010 is promised! Merry Christmas and congratulations baby #2 on the way.. So happy for you and your family :)

Lisa P said...

OMG! Number 9 made me laugh out loud. Thank goodness hubby wasn't home! heheheheh