Thursday, December 17, 2009

11 & 12

My husband read my top 10 list & had a couple of his own that he thought I should add.
11. While waiting for a table at Moxies a family of four came in & waited as well. The 2 daughters (you could tell they were all related) were about 30-35 years old. One of them was wearing original RED Doc Martens & about 12 silver Goody hair clips in her hair to hold her ponytail securely. She also had on an over sized sweater to complete her look. But more importantly (my husband so lovingly pointed out) she was sporting the exact SAME LOOK I had in grade 9. Only hers was well preserved.
12. Once seated at our table, we could see a store that sold chair massagers and back relief products. Brian commented that he couldn't believe a store like that could afford the high rent cost in Market Mall & that it would be out of business before they knew it. I agreed. And then within 15 minutes we saw 3 people leave with large boxes. What do we know?