Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Shoestring Where's Waldo Birthday Party

 I put my 'mom skills' to good use this week. Miles turned three, and while we don't do parties in our house, we do have family over for presents and dinner....and cake. So the night before Miles' birthday I was feeling a little guilty because I hadn't put together anything special for him. I was about to go downstairs and dig out last years Buzz Lightyear banner. On the way I stepped on a Where's Waldo book, which is not unusual, Miles is looking at those books daily. And that's where I got the idea for a Where's Waldo Birthday.

I got this image (above) from the Internet (On a scale of 1 - 10 how illegal is that?) and printed 6 large ones and 44 small ones. Then I found another image and made a little sign (below). I raided my Christmas linens for a stripped table runner & red napkins.

I cut the little images out & hot-glues them onto toothpicks (above). Then I made cupcakes (at 11pm) and stuck them on top.

 Miles already had a stripped shirt (a lucky hand-me-down from a friend) so all he needed was a hat. Here he is pictured below wearing the hat I knit for him that night. (Call me crazy.... it only took me until 1:30am!)

I stuck 6 Waldo figures (that I printed off the computer, about 6" tall) around the house (on the legs of tables, in closets....). Each time he found one, he got to open a gift! It was a great way to prolong a party with 6 gifts. It took us 45 minutes to open those presents! I bet he would have otherwise done it in 10!

....and the party wouldn't be complete without a Where's Waldo book....

Here is Miles with his new Radio Flyer scooter. I couldn't have planned the color-scheme better if I had tried. It will be perfect for scrapbooking later on.

I don't think I am full of 'original' ideas, but I am without a doubt creative. And I am so thankful for that when it is 11pm and I am feeling guilty about having nothing planned for my little 3 year-olds birthday. And the smile on his face made it worth every bit of effort. You CAN do a small party on a tight budget & without days of planning (although that's not why we don't do parties. I am a bit of a Hum-Bug and don't like throwing BIG parties that I don't get to fully enjoy, after years of throwing them at our store). Our family made the decision to keep parties small, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring.

Here's the breakdown for this party (2 kids, 5 adults):

Cupcakes $16
(I made buttercream icing from scratch or it would have been cheaper)
Dinner $14
(lasagna and salad
Red & White Decorations $5

I had the wool for the hat already & the supplies to print the Waldos.

+ Presents from Monkey Mountain Toys & Games

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benilhalk said...

Aww! Such a cute celebration. That would be a perfect gift for a boy. I was also wondering what to gift to my nephew and I think I found it. His birthday is in one of the Los Angeles event venues that also has a pool. It is going to be fun.