Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Mornings & Evenings

I love having people over for meals, it's a great excuse to set a pretty table. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen but it isn't a chef's kitchen my any measure. My kitchen is a mish-mash of things I've collected over the years, things that don't match & things that are, well, useful (no matter how ugly). I recently replaced my drinking glasses with these recycled glass ones from Starbucks. Brian was complaining that there were too many small glasses, so naturally he loves the new ones. I know they aren't something that need to be 'replaced', but our needs change & I can justify adding new glasses as long as I get rid of the old ones....
 Extra crispy bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? Even the vegans I know say they miss bacon.
 Springy cloth napkins in napkin rings. Pretty.
A big plate full of waffles (there were two).
Breakfast was great & we were so full we skipped lunch!

 Tonight I started a stitching project from a book I bought a while ago. I love this book. It's so easy (I mean, really very easy), has great pictures, instructions & do-able projects. Tonight I decided to make a little felt stuffed owl for Molly. I'll walk you through the steps I took tonight (until I started going cross-eyed and decided to blog for a while).
I cut an owl out of felt. There are no patterns, but simple shapes like this are easy to freehand. It took me about 3 tries to get an owl I liked.
The owl on the left is the one I am making. So cute right??
 Machine sewed on the breast piece (also from a freehand pattern....turned out pretty good!).
Now I am busy stitching away to embellish the owl. I am about half way there but the lighting in my house is pitiful (as you can tell from my pictures) so I thought I should break.
Brian's cousin is coming to stay with us for three weeks. She arrives Friday & I thought I should have some little projects around for us to work on...just in case this rain doesn't let up! I hate teaching someone something I haven't done before, so this is my dry run. I think it's going to turn out great!

Hope everyone had a Happy Fathers Day. We sure did!

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Oh that owl is too stinkin' cute! I'm sure Molly will love it!

Breakfast looks so yummy! If you are ever bored you can come cook for me :)