Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer IS coming.

 Miles will play outside rain or shine. But it's just not the same trying to enjoy a homemade Popsicle in the rain. Last year Auntie Kendra went to Lego Land & got Miles (who has since become a little obsessed with Lego minifigures) this Popsicle tray. Because my blood pressure would sky rocket if I tried to let my kids have Popsicles inside, in our home, they are a summertime treat. Of course Grape Kool-Aid is a favourite, but so is Orange Juice, Banana Puree & Cranberry juice. So we just wanted to share our super cool Popsicle tray with you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Haley, I came across your page while I was googling how to make popsicles using the Lego mould - I'm hoping you can help me! I've tried unsuccessfully to make Lemonade popsicles with this mould. Do you have any tips or recipes you could share with me on how to get the mould to work? thanks! Belinda