Monday, January 16, 2012

Killer in the Kitchen.

Last night I made my first french-style roast. Nailed it! But I really can't take much credit because everyone was complimenting the flavour & I have to admit that it wasn't due to a secret combination. It was Herbes de Provence.

I has been meaning to buy these when I worked at William-Sonoma but even with the staff discount, they were pricey. So I was thrilled to see that Winners has somehow gotten their paws on some for only $8.99. But it was before Christmas, and I couldn't buy them for myself (but couldn't buy them for Brian, he would have known they were secretly for me). So I took a picture of them and added them to my wish list and hoped someone would make it to Winners before they were gone. I was thrilled on Christmas morning to open up a cute little crate in my stocking that had this adorable pot & a refill. (Thanks G&K!)

If you ever come across this, I highly recommend trying it. Its a perfect blend of French herbs that will drive your senses wild. It great for roasts but loads of other recipes too (stew!). From now on, this is a staple in my kitchen...

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