Monday, January 30, 2012


I like to read. And I'm not big on fiction (I've tried.). I tend to pick up books on economics, history, politics, culture and in this case parenting (my third parenting book). I guess the review that it was 'the Freakonomics of parenting' is what caught my attention. I love Freakonomics and whole-heartedly believe in it. I appreciate that often the most obvious answer is the correct one.
Nurture Shock is insane. Insane. And it is actively changing the way I parent before I am even finished the book. I've read parenting magazines and articles that have offered up loads of great advice. And often, I have applied it to mommyhood, but never has it pierced me so deeply that I didn't need it to be consciously implemented. This book is unreal. How unreal? I pulled out a high-lighter. BUT.... I didn't have to, I remember every word I read. Maybe because it (true to freakonomic fashion) is so obvious. Maybe because to parent the way the book suggests is actually easier than the parenting style society suggests?

I can see this book, 20 years from now, on my book shelf. It is tattered and the pages have been highlighted, dog-eared & photocopied. I will have lent this book to friends, quoted it to no extent and stormed PTA meetings with it, siting the thousands of studies it refers to.


Nyssa said...

You have me convinced already, and I haven't even read one page

kaly said...

Hmmm! Sounds awesome! I'll have to have a look.