Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Like a Charm

We're sick. But no details on that ( I mean, really, it seems to be everyone's Facebook status right now.) My dad swears by Nin Jiom. I first tried it when I was pregnant (although reading the English instructions on my bottle, I see that's a No-no. Oops.) and couldn't take regular cough medicine. Its a thick brown syrup that looks like it would be vile (think Buckleys) but it's actually pretty good. You leave it to melt in your mouth & slowly drip down your throat. And it works. I mean, really works. Almost instant relief. So I thought I should share it, because I would have never bought it on my own (I mean, look at it). London Drugs $8.99.

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kaly said...

Totally forgot about this! I used it when I had that horrible swine flu with the after effects lasting ONE YEAR in my lungs!