Monday, February 6, 2012

Not Immune

I thought I was immune to Pinterest. I am not. And although I haven't spent more than 1 hour (total) on there in the past month....and I haven't started a project from there....I do have to say it has inspired me.
A friend and I made this little pennant "advent" calendar for Valentines day. We thought it up on our own & were pretty damn proud of ourselves. Who needs Pinterest? Well.... I won't be getting rid of it quite yet.


The banner is made from cheap felt (making the project about $10 in all). I used a Stampin' Up die to cut the pennants. We also used a Crop-o-dile to set the eyelets and floss for bows & embroidery. 

I hand-stitched (you can tell...) numbers 1 - 14 onto each flag. The pockets are glued on with fabric glue.

Each pocket is big enough to fit a couple of Hershey Kisses. 

The kids love it. Miles is excited for Valentines Day. Seems he likes a girl named "Sarah" in his class & has set his sights on making her a "Huge Valentines with sparkles." Where does he learn this stuff? Anyway, I am volunteering at his school that day, so you can bet I will be on Pinterest looking for some cute cupcake ideas.


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

bwaahhhh! You beat me to the post it! Yours turned out great! I love the stitiched numbers ... wish I had done that now :)

My Sunny Porch said...

Ok, who 'needs' Pinterest? No one... but who WANTS it? EVERYONE! It actually saves me time in a very weird way. Say I get a creative urge in the middle of packing & moving-- oh my, look at this-- I could 'make' something with this (but I know I really don't have the time...) I click on to Pinterest and get 'virtual satisfaction'. Fifteen minutes later, MY idea for a project is not quite as stimulating and OUT the door it goes! Love your banner!