Monday, February 13, 2012

Like a Charm

I love it when someone recommends a product to me. A lady I worked with once told me to use 'Finish' dishwasher tabs when I was grumbling about my terrible dishwasher. Turns out... I don't have a terrible dishwasher, but the Nellie's detergent I was using just wasn't cutting it (sometimes a natural product isn't all it's cracked up to be). This is a product I recommended to a gal online today. It's a stain removal bar I have been using for years and it works like a charm (what does that even mean?). I have removed old sweat stains from white t-shirts, a bright pink slurpee stain off of my white couch & this morning I tackled an old coffee stain. (Note to Brian: If you spill coffee on your tie, leaving it in your car for a month doesn't make it easier on your wife). 
I get this product from Eden Essentials at the Calgary Farmers Market. I think it is about $6. And it works. So there, maybe this stain removing bar will mean to you what Finish tabs mean to me. 
Nothing is worse than having to throw away a bad product that you spent $$$ on. Especially when you could be buying new stationery with the money instead....

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