Monday, February 13, 2012

A House Full of Love

Love for an old friend. Molly snuggles my old cabbage patch, Sabina Nessie.

Love my morning tea & the sweet cup it came in. I wish they'd have these cups until the Christmas ones come out. 

Love my husband who brings me sushi for lunch.

Love orange roses. I've never had them before, but they are beautiful. Happy Birthday to me!

Love watching Miles Skype with Papa & Grandma who are so far away.

Love time well-spent making cupcakes with Miles for his class. Love pink buttercream icing. Love cupcakes.

Love decorating for Valentines day. Even in the bathroom.

Love taking pictures of all the love in my house.

 Love the wreath I made last year to welcome people to our home.

Love a splash of color against the dreary landscape of winter.

 Love the tiny fingerprint all over the windows & having a different arrangement each day.

 Love a gift from a friend that I have had for over a year & never opened (just realized that). It makes me smile when I think of the effort she took to make it so pretty, not wasted on me.

 Love to read and learn.

Love the buttoned heart on my spice cupboard. My favourite cupboard.

 Love when Miles comes home from school with a 'gift' for Mommy.

Love a fridge that is covered in love. Every time I think about clearing it all off, I look at the memories on it & change my mind.

Love seeing a message left behind on my chalkboard.

Love our House Full of Love.


Tasha said...

Aww, so cute! One of my resolutions this year was to go bigger into ALL the holidays, and make an effort to make them special for my kids. I have a memory of one of my parents putting a box of cinnamon hearts under my pillow when I was probably six. And I have that same foil valentine heart! I wanted to make one of the wreaths I saw on pinterest but I will have to wait for another year. And I love your fridge.

Tasha said...

And Molly is SO big now!!!

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Love this post!

Nyssa said...

You make holidays so fun :D