Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Lu-vahs Dinner

A quick blog post about the dinner I made for my hubby tonight for Vday. I thought I should write about it while my tummy is still full. And I do mean full.

I bought a new mortar & pestle with a gift card I received for Christmas, I also splurged on some pink peppercorn, so if you notice a theme, yeah, it's Pink Peppercorn!

The aromas from the peppercorn were unreal. I love it when something that you wouldn't normally refer to as fresh (peppercorn) suddenly seems to come to life. Tonight I made bean & walnut burgers. They are simple. lentils, onions, eggs, peppercorn, breadcrumbs & of course, toasted walnuts. You can add whatever spices you like, I added cumin.

Gorgeous Peppercorn, non?
 To start we did a goat cheese marinated in Olive Oil, Mint, Pink Peppercorns, Garlic Cloves, Orange Zest and pitted lived sprinkled on top. I hate olives & I LOVE this snack. I'll post the recipe on Sunday, we're having friends over & this is an easy go-to snack that I'll probably whip up.

Pears (doesn't matter if they are ripe) for a Pear & Arugula salad with Blue Cheese.

In January Brian & I took a cooking class. We pan-fried wonton wrappers for a crispy element in salads. Unreal good. Like, so so good.  I will use the rest of the wrappers for cheats ravioli later this week.

It just takes a couple seconds and they light & crispy (before I had them I thought they'd be really rich & oil-heavy, not so).

The finished salad. The best part of the meal (though the burgers were good too).

Finished Lentil & Walnut burgers. So good. And insanely healthy. Although I melted some cheese on top & used a tbs. of garlic mayo.

Rant: SO many grocery stores are no longer carrying alfalfa spouts because they are "high in bacteria". It's so irritating. There are loads of foods that are bacteria-laden, and even more than are packed with MSG, GMO's and other crap. I love sprouts. LOVE them. It worries me that no one is selling them anymore (in Okotoks, only Sobeys). Don't let sprouts die out!!! Use them in a meal today! I had to use pea sprouts today, they're great, but alfalfa is where it's at.

Anyway, I just wanted to share.... I love spending the night in the kitchen with my hubby (we hauled our kids off to bed early). It is the perfect way to spend Valentines Day. xo.

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