Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chocolate Easter Nests

I make little chocolate nests every Easter, but this year I showed Miles a picture (on Pinterest) and he was excited to help. Finally yesterday, Molly went down for a nap & we had a chance to make them.  

Miles took his job of pulling apart cupcake wrappers and dropping in the eggs very seriously. He is so funny, the whole time we were making these he kept says "Good job Mommy!" and "That looks great Mommy." and I almost died when he said "Don't worry Mommy you doin' a will good job." I guess because I always try to encourage him, it has rubbed off a little. Now if only he could do that more often with his sister.

Here are our finished eggs. We made the nests from Fiddle Diddles (with walnuts & coconuts) instead of the chow main noodles (although next year I would like to give the peanut butter version a try). 

Now, just like the Easter Bunny, we are off to deliver them to friends (and don't worry friends, we meticulously washed our hands, even Miles.)

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Tasha said...

I make nests this way too! I used to make cupcake chicks to sit on top but then it was sweet overload so we just do nests now. I could never imagine using those chow mein noodles, especially when fiddle diddles (we call them haystacks) are so delicious. And with coconut it adds ton the nestiness it was Hannah's first year adding the eggs and I'm sure she ate more than she added!