Monday, April 23, 2012

These exist?

Amazing! I didn't even know that Mint Chocolate Chips existed. And even better, they were 50% off. I am going to bake cookies with them & then make those home-made ice cream sandwiches. Mmmm. Getting hungry.

 I went into Bulk barn today (My second biggest weakness, the first is Chapters). I love Bulk Barn. I have no self-control when I am in there... none whatsoever.

I also got some pizza dough mix, which I have actually made before, but someone was talking about it online & it reminded me how much the kids loved making their own pizzas. The mix is great but I add some garlic powder, oregano, thyme, basil & pepper to make it "focaccia-ish". And if you want to great really fancy (and why wouldn't you?) throw some caramelized onions into the crust. Soooo good.

Today when I was putting away my purchases (I also got veggie bullion cubes and for some weird reason that makes me so happy.) it started to bug me that none of my jars & labels match. I always see people with these gorgeous pantries online & feel jealous. I want all my stuff to be all matchy-matchy and not look like some sort of Hippie or Witch Doctors potion closet. Martha Stewart has a line of labels for Avery that are available at Staples. I am going to go check them out tonight. Even if the jars don't match, at least the labels could... it's bugging me.


Nyssa said...

I love Bulk Barn, When I was in Okotoks I'd go every Monday.

Nyssa said...
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