Friday, June 15, 2012

Camp Miles

Yesterday my son turned four. And I didn't take a single picture (too busy I guess). So instead I poached these pictures from my sisters Twitter accounts. Thanks Carm, Missy, Kendra & Mags for being on top of it when I so wasn't. 

The birthday was "camping" themed (although Miles did tell me he wanted hockey, like his sister). But I ignored his request and he was fine with it when he woke up to a giant tent in the middle of our living room. I made s'more 'cake pops' and even a campfire cake. 

Miles & Missy roasting Marshmallow S'mores over the fire... nerds!

I love love love that each year (twice a year) my family shows up, on a week-night for the kids parties. I always leave them until the last-minute and they still manage come out and make the kids happy. Miles woke up this morning and went straight for the family of Gorillas that Auntie Kendra gave him, he loaded them up into his new 'jeep' from Grandma & Papa Hopaluk. Tomorrow we are hitting up the Zoo with passes from Nana & Grandpa Ross. Thanks to everyone for making yesterday such a great day for him, for the presents & just for showing up. Next year I suppose I will have to do a 'real birthday' (which I don't look forward to at all), you know, the kind with invites & lots of kids with no parents. Maybe I can bribe Miles...a new bike instead? A car? A trip to Disneyland? Haha! 

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

This is so awesome! Such great ideas Haley! I bet Miles had a blast!