Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lazy Lady?

I bought this backpack for Molly at Monkey Mountain Toys & Games. It's the cutest thing I have ever seen (well, today anyway). But here's the real deal: This backpack is actually attached to a "leash". In the past, I have seen kids with harnesses and leashes & secretly judged their parents. How lazy can you be? A leash takes away the simple responsibility of keeping your eyes on your child. But now I'm not so sure. Maybe I was too quick to judge. Molly is a mover. And a shaker. And definitely a trouble-maker. If I turn away for a moment, she's gone! Miles was never like that. Until now. He's 2 and making sure the phrase 'terrible twos' isn't changing. So I have two kids each running off in separate directions. A cheap fix would be this backpack. But what happens when I have another child? I buy another backpack? And soon I look like I'm a "Toddler Walker". There are millions of moms out there without "leashed" children. I'm torn. Is this the Ultimate in LAZY or the best frowned upon invention?


Anonymous said...

Okay, I rarely leave comments on blogs, but I say, "Go for it!" My daughter was just 2 when she made a bee-line for the elevator at a shopping centre -- after that, I got a harness. She never wanted to hold someone's hand and with the harness, she was able to be "independent", mobile and safe. My son was the same way. You do what you feel comfortable doing -- listen to your mommy-sense. It is not lazy. It is just a way to keep your kids safe. (I also realized that it was easier for my kids to walk around, rather than being off-balance with one arm in the air hanging onto someone.)

Tasha said...

I changed my thought on "leashes" after becoming a parent. We were at West Edmonton Mall and Hannah wanted to walk (or run) rather than be in the stroller--she wanted to explore. But she was fast, and the place was packed, and so she had to stay in the stroller.
We just got some backpack style harnasses in at the store (ones from Baby Sherpa/Safe 2 go) and they have been selling well. The backpack ones aren't humiliating and allow your kids to have freedom without you having fear of danger or trouble.

kaly said...

That is totally what I need to get for Otto! He is SUCH a runner! He never wants to be tied down or stuck in a stroller. I'd rather be judged for being a "lazy" (but not in reality) parent than a bad or annoying parent whose kid is screaming from the stroller or cart!

Also, that kind of back pack would have been awesome in the last few months when I just can't run after him anywhere... and he just runs anyway! I can't tell you how ridiculous I must look, trying to hold my belly up while I waddle-run after my 2-yr-old!