Monday, May 2, 2011

For Pete's Sake...GO VOTE!

I'm annoyed today. But not because I had to go vote, although I don't appreciate or support this election. I'm annoyed because I saw a Facebook status that read "Didn't go vote. But doesn't complain so it's OK".

It's really not. And here's why (just ONE of the many reasons):

Today, as we line up to vote (there was no line up...), people in Libya, Tunisia and all around the world are fighting and dying for their right to vote. So when you chose to not to vote, you are making a HUGE statement. One that says you don't respect your RIGHT to vote (let alone your civic responsibility). That right wasn't given to you, it was fought for. And one of the men who fought for it (and was lucky to survive) was my Grandpa. He didn't just pop over to Italy for a weekend to show those Nazi's who was more powerful, he sacrificed years of his life (time with his family, time that would have otherwise been peaceful) to fight for freedom. And because he won that fight we have freedom today. And I think that with that freedom, he would want us to vote, to make sure that freedom is secure. TO make sure his efforts weren't wasted.  Listen lady, maybe you don't complain, but that's because overall, you don't have a whole hell of a lot to complain about. And that's because of my Grandpa and thousands of others like him. Some of whom never returned home to their families. So get off your ass and go vote. It will take 30 minutes to educate yourself & do it.

Not voting is disrespectful and ignorant.

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Wow Haley! That is so true! My Grandpa fought in WWII as well and I never thought of voting from that perspective (yes I did vote and yes I was surprised that there was no lines). I think of his sacrifice on Rememberance Day and always call him or see him but to think that a lot of things we take for granted today is because of his (and other's like your Grandpa) sacrafices! Thanks for making me thing about it from a different perspective!