Monday, May 30, 2011

This is NOT a cooking blog...

... But it's probably not JUST a scrapbooking blog anymore either. And although I will get back to my scrapbooking roots (I have 3 new layouts to post tomorrow), today I have to share two of my favourite things from this past week (and they just happen to be cooking things).

1. My new Dutch Oven (pictured above). I am in love. And the Honeycomb Cannelloni I made (with Creme Fraiche!) the other night in my new LeCrueset confirmed it. Never has cooking dinner been so easy for me. I love the easy transfer from stovetop to oven. This was a great investment.

2. Bee Keepers Gold. Brian made this beautiful cutting board for me and to keep it looking beautiful (but still getting to use it) I am lathering it with wax. I never understood how much gratification comes from taking care of something so simple. And how pleased I will be to get so much more from something I love & use daily. In a world where we consume SO much & throw things away (old cutting boards) without thinking twice (I do too.) I am oddly proud to claim to have had this cutting board (in great condition) for three years already.

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Where did you get your dutch oven? I have always wondered if they are any good to use. I might have to get one then you'll have to share some recipes with me :)