Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pimp my Pizza

I don't know how to make pizza dough. I mean, I am sure I could, it's not rocket science, but I never have. I guess in our house, pizza is the thing we eat when we are hungry & haven't planned ahead. Pizza is a convenience food around here. But we rarely order pizza (when we do, we splurge on Pizza Hut), instead I rip into the grocery store & buy a frozen pizza. And then I 'pimp it out'. My mom does this, and for a long while I thought everyone did. But today, when our company asked what kind of frozen pizza this was I realized I should maybe share my moms ' home imporvement' tip. I buy whatever is on sale when it comes to pizza. So my foundation is usually just $4-$5 (The one pictured above was a MacCains Bruchetta Pizza). Then I take it home & add-on all the good stuff (usually whatever we have around the house). Todays Pimped Pizza got diced ttomatoes, shredded spinach, extra mozzarella and a little bit of green pesto.  So good. So there, if you're bored with frozen pizza but don't want to shell out for delivery, just 'pimp' your pizza by adding your own fresh ingredients. Love it.

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kaly said...

That sounds fast and easy!

You should try making your own crust sometime! It is so easy! I'll have to find you our family recipe!