Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Days

 Summer is in full swing in our household. Today we had three fans running full-tilt to try & cool us down. It was no use. In the end we resorted to cooling off the old-fashioned way...with a garden hose and a Slip & Slide (Or a Slip & Bleed). It's been at least 20 years since I have been on one of those. The kids loved every minute of it. And I even had a couple runs myself. No blood. No broken bones. Success.
Brian & I were out for a pre-Stampede party last night (me in my 'western' shirt below). We finished up the night at UNA on 17th where they have no air conditioning but great food & drink. We splurged on a bottle of Arizona Stronghold...worth every penny. I was so happy to walk outside at the end of the night & catch a small breeze...I thought I was melting.
I treated myself to some peonies (above) and a new pair of Ray Bans today. Perfect summer treats. The fridge is filled with watermelon, cool quinoa salad & lemon juice (perfect for icy cold water).
I don't have to wear perfume because sunscreen smells so darn yummy.
The kids are running around with little to no clothing on. And I'm sleeping with the windows wide open. Miles is so tired from a hard day of play that he doesn't even argue at beditme.
I've decided that I am not going to worry about my floor again this it's open season for wearing flip-flops in the house. Best decision I have made this summer.
All these things just make me so happy. It's them & the vitamin D (I'm rocking a pretty sweet tan right now) that are making for some pretty perfect summer days.
If it rains, I am ready to scrapbook. I picked up pictures at Costco today. I can hear a huge storm blowing in now. Some pretty intense looking lightening. Love that.

Why can't this just last forever?

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