Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shrimp, Ginger & Peanut Rice Wraps

One time I decided I was going to make Indonesian food. The entire time I was cooking it I felt so nostalgic (I lived in Indonesia as a child). Thirty minutes after it was done, I was ordering pizza. It was terrible and it stained my food processor. From now on, Nasi Goreng will be something I order when I eat out. I decided then that I wasn't cut out for 'authentic' asian cooking. But I have no problems making a westernized curry or, today, thai-ish wraps (a Michael Smith recipe, changed a little).

In a large mixing bowl combine:

The zest & juice of one lime
1T. grated ginger *
1T. peanut butter **
1T. soy sauce
1T. Honey (I used 1t. of agave syrup & it turned out just fine)
1T. of rice wine vinegar
1/4t. of your favourite hot sauce (I used a little more than that)

Whisk it all together.

* I buy whole ginger at The Silk Road. I feel that is it fresher when you go to use it (just use a mircoplaner to grate it) and the smell will knock you off your socks. It smells so good that every time, I am tempted to take a big bite of it. I wish I could make it into a candle or something.... sooo delish.

** I didn't use peanut butter, I used soy butter (pictured below). We don't have peanut allergies in this house, but I bought this so Miles could take PB&J sandwiches to school. I did use real peanuts for later in the recipe. The soy butter worked fine. You can use smooth or chunky.

Once whisked, throw in 8 ounces of cooked, de-vined, chopped shrimp, 1/4c of coarsely chopped roasted peanuts (I just used planters peanuts, I rinsed the salt off first), 2 cups of bean sprouts (remember to rinse them first so they are extra crunchy), 1 grated carrot and a handful of chopped snow peas.

Fill a pie plate with warm water, then, place in an single (one at a time!) rice paper wrap. Let it soak for about 30 seconds until it is translucent. Carefully remove it from the pie plate & let the excess water drip off. Lay flat onto a clean kitchen towel to fill & wrap.

I am NO pro at making wraps. Usually Brian wraps my fajitas for me (after he is done the kids of course! Haha!). They are tricky & my first couple weren't picture worthy (well, non of them really were), but they tasted great and stayed together while we ate them. The kids didn't love them, they were a little weirded out by the rice paper wraps. Next time I would quickly fry theirs to make them crispy, then I know they would gobble them up. What's not to love? Carrots, peanuts, sprouts! All the things my kids love. And we liked them too. Finally, an asian-inspired food that didn't leave us ordering pizza.

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Unknown said...

These look amazing - I have been craving a rice wrap since we don't have a decent Vietnamese restaurant close to us. Thanks Haley - I will be making these! :)