Thursday, May 31, 2012


Why isn't there anything comparable to In-n-Out Burger? 
Today (for the first time since we returned from the Las Vegas) I ate fast food. And let me tell you, it did not compare. Not only was the food at McDonalds a huge disappointment (except the fries, of course), but the prices did not reflect the poor quality.

When the Ross family hits up McD's the damage is usually 22-28 dolla' bills y'all (meet gangster Haley). How much was the oink-fest at In-n-Out you ask??? (You did ask, right?) $18. And that included 2 ass-kicking milkshakes. And a cheeseburger is just $2.20. And look at it!!! Unreal!!! And it tastes as good as it looks. There are some things in the states that are all hype... you get there, and it's not nearly as good as people say it was. But In-n-Out Burger isn't one of them. The food is fantastic & there really is nothing comparable here.
No. No, there isn't. Yes, Fatburger & Five Guys tastes great. But can I feed my family for $18? No way. Not even close. And a trip to Peters Drive-In (if we find ourselves in the area) is almost twice that. Great food, but the guilt in a fast-food dinner should be the CALORIES and not the COST.

And look how adorable this little milk carton is (ok, that has nothing to do with my post, but still, super adorable). Anyway, even though we don't do fast-food that often (you can't tell from this post...) after having good fast food within reach (don't even get me started on Baja Fresh or Sonic) for a couple of weeks, it was hard to have to go back to 1/4" thin patties for $3.99. 

 nom nom nom.......

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Nyssa said...

When I was in Vegas in April that was the first place I went! Sadly, Idaho doesn't have any In N Out Burgers yet so I have to wait until I drive somewhere that does.