Monday, May 28, 2012

I just love it all....

This is my first blog for the month of May...and it's almost over.

My month wasn't even really that busy although I did spend 2 weeks in Las Vegas at my parents new house. And it only took a couple of days back in Canada to loose the tan that I worked so hard on! (By 'worked hard on' of course I mean that I laid in the sun with an iced lemonade.)

When we came back, all of the sudden it felt like Spring. And our lawn was the ugliest white-trashiest looking lawn on the block. Niiiice. So tonight we worked hard & it's finally up to par with the neighbours, almost. We have the worst lawn, it's ridden with ants because the soil quality is so terrible. But I can't bring myself to get rid of the 3-storey high tree in our front yard. I love it.

We let the kids stay up until 9pm & help us with the yard. Miles loves getting dirty & watching insects. Molly was hose-happy. We were all pretty soaked. And happy. The kids both went to bed with no complaints and only 2 books each (we usually get suckered into 4 or 5 with Miles). Maybe it was spending the day outside, but everything just felt so good this evening. My boys reading books, my daughter running around in her diaper, my house messy but the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. Good life.

Speaking of happy....Lately DAVIDsTea has been a source of my happiness. I've never been into loose leaf tea, I've always been a chai-latte lover. But in April I gave up my daily chai and switched to home-brewed loose-leaf tea. And I am obsessed. And apparently there's a whole 'tea' culture. And I love it. In Banff I discovered DAVIDsTEA and I stocked up on everything I would need to start brewing it at home. It was worth every cent. And since then I have been trying new loose-leaf teas. 

Rooibos de Provence is my favourite so far. I also love Strawberry-Ginger. But Rooibos de Provence is an amazing blend. And with a little agave & 5 minutes of my time.... it's perfection.

I'm just brewing single cups right now. I love this little coral coloured tea pot. Super cute. If you haven't been into DAVIDsTEA you need to go (there's one in South Centre) and a pop-up at Holt Renfrew this month. I never thought I would be able to give up my chai-lattes (they are 250 calories each) but I did. And although it hasn't saved me any money (I mean, it probably should have), I am so happy to have discovered loose-leaf tea (all organic & fair-trade) from DAVIDsTEA.
* You can order online & shipping is free with a $50 purchase.

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