Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Randoms

10 Things I Love About Spring

1. Miles can play outside. And he does. All day long. In fact, sometimes he eats lunch out there. He just loves being in the backyard.
2. No more winter driving.
3. Every time it rains, it gets a little greener (is that a word?). I love that.
4. BBQ-ing is THAT much easier.
5. I get to plant my garden (which is actually just a series of over-sized pots.)
6. Patios. I love going to a pub & sitting on a patio, even if I have to be near the propane heater until summer comes.
7. Propane Heater (see #6). We got ours as a wedding gift & we love it! It extends the time we can be out enjoying our deck by months. We start having a glass of wine on the deck in April some years... and continue until October (okay, maybe add a wool blanket to this.).
8. Watching my lily grow.
9. May Long Weekend at the cabin. This is usually the first time we get there each year. And I start looking forward to it in February.
10. Having the windows open. I love catching the cross-breeze & airing out our home after a long winter. I also love sleeping with my bedroom window open & listening to the trains, birds & eavesdropping on the neighbors (haha!).

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