Friday, November 4, 2011

Cozy Up.

I ran errands this morning. Which included going into Costco. I took in a $20 bill so that I wouldn't allow myself to go on a spending spree with money I dont have. I love Costco at Christmas... but it's not Christmas. Yet. So I can out with only the bread I went in for (and some photos I had to pick up). And now I am home and dedicating the rest of the day to being cozy with my kids.

10 Things to Think About While I am Cozied up on my Couch Today:

1. All the great things I have added to my Christmas list at Costco. 2 Cookbooks. Babybel Cheese. The Vinyl Cafe CD set. And there's more....
2. How much I love my sisters. I just got off phone with Kendra. I looked at the receiver and wasn't surprised to see we had been talking for almost an hour. I love that. And I know I'll talk with Carm at some point today. I love my sisters and would wilt away if I didn't talk to them daily.
3. The book I am reading. I need to finish it so I can start Mindy Kalings new book.
4. My Christmas cards. I am ordering them on Monday once I narrow down the pictures. I want to use them all but I don't think anyone would appreciate getting a Christmas photo album in the mail. I am ordering them from this year, $1.99 for 20 cards. You can't beat that.
5. What to get Brian for Christmas. The Kindle Fire isn't available in now what?
6. Egg nog.
7. When I will haul myself & the kids out to black diamond to buy some firewood. I hate going but we need a fire to be legitimately cozy.
8. How sweet Mollys looks all bundled up. My friend gave Molly some adorable hand-me-downs to keep warm this winter. I can't wait to take pics (or ask Linds to take pics).
9. Smashing Pumpkins. Not the band. I had a great time smashing pumpkins at the community compost bin yesterday... I've never done that before but it feels wonder all those little punks do it.
10. How pumped Miles is going to be tomorrow when he gets to so to Family skate with the Calgary Flames. I hope Brian gets some good pictures.

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Can you get the Kindle in Great Falls? I'll be there in 2 weeks and could sneak it across the border for you :)