Saturday, November 5, 2011

I've Been 'That Mom'

This afternoon we took the kids to the Calgary Flames Family Skate. We were lucky to get tickets from a friend. Miles was in awe. I think he said 3 words. His mouth was open & he was looking up, up up the entire time. I loved every minute of it.
I forgot my skates on the counter (Making sure everyone else's made it into the car. And helmets. And mittens. And jackets, snacks, water and warm socks...etc.). I was so bummed when I realized (in the parking lot downtown). But I thought it might work out well as Molly seemed to be getting grumpy.
While we were lacing up our skates the family sitting across from us made a sad discovery. One of their sons was short a skate. There was only one skate in the bag. I didn't know what was going on but when we were lining up to go on the ice, Brian filled me in, he was devastated (Brian). He was imagining himself as a kid, pumped to skate where Jarome Iginla (or Doug Gilmore in Brians case) skated...and then not being able to.
I felt bad for them. But not in the same way Brian did, he was concerned about the boy. But moreover, I couldn't stop thinking how his mom must be feeling. We all make mom mistakes. I make a million. And I've made them at some pretty big & important times. Luckily, today it wasn't my turn. It was hers. Just plain bad luck. And I knew it was probably killing her, even though it was an accident. I also knew Miles had about 15 minutes of actual skating in him (he hadn't napped long). So I offered up his adjustable skates when we were done (Plan B.).
Miles had his 15 minutes on the rink and then I explained to him we were going to lend his skates to someone else so they could have a turn. He was so into it. (I wasn't sure he would be.). The boy crammed his feet into the skates & hit the ice (probably embarrassed by the Toy Story skates, but willing to strap them on & have a skate with his brother) . Miles & I sat in the bleachers & watched for a couple minutes. Miles said to me "That boy will be happy, right mom?" I told him yes. "You made him happy. You got to be happy for a while & now he can be too." And Miles was proud of himself, I could tell. I almost teared up (PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER HALEY!). What an awesome way to get to teach him this lesson!!! He loves hockey so he knew what he did. At 3 years old, he just knew.
Miles did a couple more laps with his dad after Molly had her turns. I think he liked being zipped around the ice in his Dads arms better anyway.
What a great day. Great experience. Great lesson. Great life.


Carol T said...

I just totally started bawling.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Awwww! You're raising you kiddos with such compasion it warms my heart! I can't believe that Miles was speachless though :) I would think he would be going a mile a minute :)