Monday, November 21, 2011

Fill 'em up!

Fill 'em up!
I've got 6 large containers waiting to be filled with Christmas goodies. Today I made 3 dozen Fiddle Diddles (you might know them as Haystacks). They're no-bake treats so they came together so well. I'm saving the baked treats for cold days when I need to warm the house up! Ha!

It's as easy as putting all the ingredients in a bowl (Cocoa, Coconut, Walnuts & Oats) and then pouring over the melted butter, milk & sugar. Mix, spoon & freeze. And I'm done! Another Christmas treat crossed off my list. I suppose Brian will come home one day soon & tell me it's Fat Friday (when everyone in his office bring home-made treats), this time, I'm ready!

I had to run out to Bulk Barn this morning where I spent a whopping $2.21 on walnuts (best deal in town!) and $1.28 on colored sugars for making Sugar Cookies later this week. I sound like a broken record, but I just love being able to buy only what I need. I rarely use walnuts so rather than buy a $10 bag, I got 1/2cup, just enough for my recipe.

My Over-Zealous Christmas Baking List Update
1. Banana Loaves
2. Molasses Spice Cookies
3. White-Chocolate Peppermint Brownies (New this year!)
4. Sugar Cookies (For the kids to Decorate)
5. Peanut Butter Toffee Pretzel Cookies (From Real Simple)
6. Shortbread Cookies (I've already made these, they didn't make it to the freezer! Oops!)
7. Chocolate Chip Cookies
8. Nuts & Bolts (New this year!)
9. Fiddle Diddles (A tradition. No Bake = Easy to Make)
10. Peanut Butter Balls (Also No Bakes)
11. Martha Stewarts Klassens Saltine Cookies
12. June Bars
13. Cinnamon Pull Aparts (For Christmas morning)
14. Lemon Jelly Squares
15. Granny Ruths Butter Tarts
16. Chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks

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