Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good Reads

I can't really tell you how I choose a book. I guess sometimes they come highly recommended (It seems everyone had read Freakonomics...). Sometimes I see them in a magazine (Real Simple has a no-obligation book club in each issue). I always read our book club book, until book club fell apart that is... And sometimes, sometimes the title or book jacket just grabs me (Such was the case with The History of Tractors in Ukrainian.) But lately I seem to have found a sure-fire way to ensure I will be engrossed in a book... read what you love. I love Jazz, so naturally when I discovered On The Road (pictured above) I was thrilled. I get a 'feeling' when I listen to Jazz music. It just does something to me. And nothing is better than live Jazz. Nothing. Not even chocolate. I can barely contain myself. I bop my head & patter my fingers on the bar... It's probably embarrassing for Brian... So when I read about the beat shows in dives across America & the intense experiences the characters take away, I GOT it. And I loved it. I also spent time on iTunes looking up songs of musicians I was reading about. It was a great novel, a stirring read & a great education in Jazz music. I just finished it.... and this is my official recommendation.

Read what you love. Seems obvious. Authors write what they know. And it works! I love Vueve Cliquot. Love it. And I love Champagne. So the history of one of the worlds most established champagne houses was thrilling for me. If someone even mentions champagne, I bubble at the chance to dazzle them with my knowledge (pardon the pun). I was mentioning the book at Wine Club when the Sommeliers there recommended I read The Billionaires Vinegar. And so I've thrown myself into it. And I love it. LOVE IT. Because I love wine.

Read what you love. Lately, it's worked for me. And if you aren't a 'reader' trying to find joy in a sad novel (I refuse to read 99% of Oprah's book club book. Although I am sure they're great, I prefer non-fiction) or a challenging classic (Pride & Prejudice is superb.) will leave you frustrated. I subscribe to three magazines: Real Simple (Best ever!), Scrapbooks Etc. and Wine Access. I wouldn't subscribe to Dog Fancy or Details. Makes sense.

I'm always looking for ways to spend my $ at Indigo... so write your best reads in my comment section... I'd love to discover something wonderful.

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kaly said...

I just read Billie Letts', "The Honk And Holler Opening Soon", And awhile ago read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". Both very engaging. I love when you can fall in love with the characters, no matter how flawed they may be.
I usually choose my books through recommendations from friends, women's blogs I read, or my Mom, who will often drop me a book and say, "Tell me what you think".