Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today I got cable. Today, coincidentally, I feel overwhelemed. How will I know which shows to watch & which ones are a colossal waste of time? I've always loves SNL, The Office & am a fan of Modern Family. These are shows that are avaialble on local channels. But now I have options... about 140 of them. (As well as 40 digital music channels, 2 movie channels & Shaw Video on Demand.)

10 Shows I Could Watch
1. Tosh.0. It's the real reason I ordered cable (although I will allow Brian to think it was because I am a loving wife who wanted him to fully enjoy hockey season). Hilarious show. I've already set it on my TIVO.
2. The Food Network. I can't really name an specific shows, but I plan on learning them all. I'll get a pen & paper & write down as many recipes and cooking tips as I can. I am so excited to have this resource.... I've exhausted all my cookbooks.
3. Kate + 8. Who am I kidding? I could never watch this show. I get a headache after about 5 minutes. But I can appreciate the fact that she is still alive. You go girl!
4. Mad Men. I've heard it's fabulous.
5. Breaking Bad. After all the Emmy nod's it can't be bad... can it?
6. Intervention. My friend Jules & I watch this show together when I go to visit. It is shocking. I am always so invested in the recoveries of the addicts.
7. The Flintstones. One of the channels we have is a vintage cartoon channel. Cool. I wonder how Miles will react to old cartoons that I use to love?
8. Chelsea Lately.
9. Dexter. Yessss. I love this show. And until now, I've only had it on DVD. Can't wait to watch it in real time. I imagine each will it'll kill me to not have another episode to watch instantly afterward.. still, yessssss.
10. Really Big Things. I love this show. It's on the Discovery Channel & it explores, well, REALLY BIG THINGS. My favourite episode was on this hotel in dubai. No, it was the aquarium in South Carolina. No, the CAT machines in the Oilsands. What the heck, I like them all...

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Tasha said...

I can give you the downlow on Food Network (my favs, anyway). I also tend to be a fan of the food competition shows on it.
AND you should totally watch Sister Wives when it debuts on tlc at the end of the month.
I know what you mean about Dexter--we are thinking of signing up for HBO so we get it and showtime, but we would totally have to pvr a few episodes to watch in a row or we would go crazy. Have you watched this season yet? NUTS.
Breaking Bad--recommended by a friend, my whole fam has watched it so far and loves it (we are starting it later this month).