Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Growing...

It's been a long time since I have put some TLC into spring planting. Actually, it's been 3 years. And Miles is 3 this June. Coincidence? Yeah, I thought not. The year I had Miles my friend Julianna actually came & filled my empty planters full of flowers (she is a Green Thumb & it killed her to have them empty). But this year I am committed to having myself a proper garden again. But it seems that, among my friends, I am the only one. Why don't more women my age garden? Why does it seem that we wait until the peaceful years in our lives to do something so peaceful? All I can do it tell you why I am.
1. I love the taste of garden fresh vegetables. The real ones. The ones that are washed with the hose & eaten at dinner the same day.
2.It's easy. Compared to scrapbooking. Mother nature does all the embellishing & she never goes wrong. And anyone can have a container or small raised garden. With the Internet, the resources are free & plentiful.
3. Kids love it. Miles has loved getting his hands dirty. And watching the sprouts pop up (my lovely cucumbers pictured above). I am excited to watch him learn how these plants will grow to be flowers and things we can eat.
4. It's good for the environment. And cheap. If you have the right water systems, it won't cost you a cent more on your water bill. You can use all sorts of recycled containers to plant your seeds (muffin trays! egg cartons!) & they cost just a couple dollars per pack (compared to $3 for a single head of cauliflower).
5. It's peaceful. Even with Miles running around the yard there is something therapeutic about being so close to the growing earth. The smells. The colors. And being outside soaking up the vitamin D... which is proven to make you happy :)

It's not too late. I planted my lettuce seeds tonight. And you can too. You are also just in time to plant Cucumbers (which your kids will love as they germinate in just a couple days!), Squash & Beans indoors. Or take a week or two to get your garden set up outside & plant Carrots, Kale, Peas, Potatoes & Spinach direct to ground.


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

I'm going to raid your garden ;) I don't really have a good yard for a garden (north facing) but I have these little planters on my deck that I am going to attempt to make into a garden this year ... so you are not alone :)

kaly said...

I started my garden last year, when Otto was 1. It was awesome! I was a little late in planting (everything straight in the ground), but I found the most joy in my awesome zuchini plant!
I'm not sure how it will go this year, as I am due June 23, but I'd like to at least plant some zuchini, squash, lettuce, and of course, some parsley, mint and basil.