Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Projects!

 I sit around most of the winter project-less. I love winter but besides skiing & scrapbooking, I am pretty unmotivated & uninspired. Not so in Spring. I've got projects on the go.

I'm starting my garden indoors. And although I lack the sunny spots (I have run out of room on our kitchen counter) I am having fun getting my veggies and herbs going. I always want to have herbs year-round but I never have, I think I will try to grow them through the winter this year. This morning I stopped at Home Hardware to grab some more Marks Choice biodegradable pots (pictured above) before I hit up with quilting store....
 ... where I found some flannel from My Minds Eye. I love this Penny Lane line in paper & even more so in fabric! So warm & happy. I'm not sure what I am going to make (maybe some cute, tiny pillows for Molly) but I had to have it. Last night I made a bag to house my clothes pins. It has been so long since I sewed (since the summer when I started making matching aprons from my friend Tasha & her daughter Hannah (which I packed up when I left teh cabin and totally forgot about...oops). I found them at the bottom of my sewing bin & I am committed to finishing them before I am in Lloydminster again.)...anyway, I was loving the sound of my humming machine. So peaceful. So although I am headed to Camp Croppin' this weekend, right now I am on a sewing kick.
Besides gardening & sewing, I actually managed to get a layout done in the past week (the reason I initially took my sewing machine out). I will post it soon. I loved the Little Boy paper from Echo Park so much that I picked up the girls version on Saturday at Scrapbookers Paradise with my CC 40% off coupon. I am trying to be very prepared for this weekend so I get lots done. I think a trip to the Scrap Yard is called for...maybe Thursday night.

That's all! Just keeping busy any way I can. I am so excited for Spring to finally arrive. I am going to go start super & try to convince Brian to make a fire out on the deck tonight.... too soon???


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Hey if you head to the yard on Thurs night let me know ... maybe I will join you if you want company :)

Tasha said...

Oh you made aprons? So sweet!!!