Sunday, February 6, 2011



2011 will be the year of lessons.

Brian is teaching Miles to skate. For the past 4 Sundays, off they go, skates over their shoulders, to learn to skate. Brian is a natural teacher. He is patient. And hockey is his shtick (is that a pun?). He's actually taught 'learn to skate' programs before. But these were all 5&6 year-olds. Miles is 2. And none of the skating programs start until age 3. But we thought he might like it (he hated the dance class we signed him up for). So today Brian calls me thrilled. "You have to get down here....we made a breakthrough'. So off Molly & I went to the rink. And what a treat! Miles is skating!

I have been learning myself. Learning the fine art of patience. And with a 2 year-old who wants to do everything himself, it will be a much needed virtue. I try to let him have a go at everything, something that doesn't come as easily to Brian who (other than in skating) wants to do things himself, quickly. We let Miles set the table (only to find forks upside down & Mommy drinking from a Buzz Lightyear mini cup). Every Tuesday he sorts the recycling, learning the difference from plastic & paper. We let him read to us some nights, put lotion on himself after a bath (what a mess!), put on his own boots & 'loves' (gloves). It's a lesson I've had to let him do things on his own. But I know it's important. So even though there's a mess to made when he cracks the eggs (he's obsessed with cooking and baking), adds bubblebath to the bath & wipes his own nose (directly into his eye.Eww.) I am learning that it is part of his learning.

And can I just say, the feeling of being proud of someone is about 100x better when it's your child. I bubble when Miles says 'Please' or tells me the salad he just made for dinner is 'his' salad.... even if he refuses to eat it some nights. And I was so proud of his skating (as you can tell by my yelling). He got two Timbits on the way home for a 'Job Well Done' but fell asleep before he finished the first!

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