Saturday, February 5, 2011


I am simple.
I like to think simple, and not lazy. I like to think that this invitation (to Molly's 1st Birthday Tea) is 'Understated' and not 'Under-achieved'. Hmmmm.
It's beautiful though isn't it. One piece of cardstock. Turn it through the Big Shot, back through the Cuttlebug (I am told one machine could do both, but I just can't figure out how & I've since tossed the manual). Cricut up some little green M's. Spot of glue. Done.
I used mostly odd balls pieces of cardstock (and one borrowed, Thanks Tracey!), none of my whites match.... & about one hours time.
And now, because these are done, I have more time to read, clean my kitchen and ... prepare for the Tea-less Tea Party ;)

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