Sunday, February 20, 2011

10 Randoms

10 Things I Hope to Teach My Children
1. To skate. And Ski. I truly believe that these pastimes are so important in defining us as Canadians. And that as Canadians we are lucky to have these winter sports that can help us to build family strength. Brian took me skiing for my birthday & every time (every single time!) I go, I am filled with memories of my childhood. I can remember my mom dressing us in sweatsuits instead of PJs so that her & dad could carry us, sleeping, to the car in the morning to go to the hill. I remember long trips to Jasper. I remember my friend Pam tearing through (ok, over) moguls, her helmet bobbing in all directions (she was fearless...or young). I remember her seeing her brother Jeff headed back down the hill on the chairlift, he hadn't been able to get off at the top. So many great family moments & great friendships were made in those mountains.
I hope my parents know that all the effort (and money) they put into taking us girls skiing is worth it.
2. To clean up after themselves. At least at other people's houses...
3. To color outside the lines. Yep. Outside. Or to do whatever makes them happy, artistically. There's nothing worse (in my mind) than a mom who can't let her child complete a craft project because the pompoms will be crooked or covered with glue. Who cares? I will let my kids create and be creative.
4. To Save. Brian took Miles to the bank with him on Saturday to open a bank account. Of course he has one for college that we have set up for him... but this one is for those $5 bills that Great Grandma Hopaluk sends or for the quarter he found on the floor at McDonalds. I don't know what the money is for, time will tell. But for now...we're saving.
5. To respect their elders.
6. To respect each other. Man oh man is it fun to watch them interact. And I do worry for a moment when Miles pushes Molly over for a Hot Wheel... but I know if we can find a balance between letting them have their space & sharing, they will love each other. Lindsay (my sister-in-law) was over the other day. I was in the other room but I heard her say to Miles "I share with my little brother." And it made me smile (because it's true).
7. To Never Ever Litter. Ever. Or Else....
8. To be kind to animals. I was driving home the other day & a little girl was abusing her dog. She was choking him & throwing snowballs in his face (close range). I pulled up next to her & rolled down my window. All I said is "Why are you doing that to your puppy? Don't you love him?" She started to cry... but I think she got the message.
9. To Dance like no one is watching. And we do. All around the kitchen. To Sharon, Lois & Brahm or Raffi. Daily.
10. To love. Brian and I have been at each other a lot lately. I have been sick & grumpy. He has been busy. But I want our kids to learn to love through us, so no fighting in front of them. Ever. And no matter what, I won't ever say negative things about their Dad around them....even under my breath...even if it kills me :)

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the Dees fam said...

Great list! All wonderful things to teach our kids! Thanks for sharing!