Sunday, March 1, 2009

My 10 Randoms

I am sick & tired of winter. I am ready for summer. Here's why:
10 Reasons I am looking forward to summer:
1. So that the "Hopaluk" boys can sports their matching flannel jackets again.
2. BBQing. Mmmmmm. After waterskiing, even better.
3. Staring into the campfire. For hours. And feeling the heat on my face.
4. Baileys Shivers.
5. Watching Miles play at the beach & wade in the water.
6. Bike rides on the Granny Bike & long walks to the marina.
7. Yelling at Brian for chopping wood with his flip-flops on.
8. Spitz. Sore tongues. And more Spitz to help ease the pain.
9. Hot Dogs. It's the only time of year I eat them.
10. Laying in the sun on the dock. Waiting for our turn on the Sea-doo, putting on a little more tanning oil, drinking ice cold Canadians (or grape pop), reading a good book (or a copy of the ever-so-trashy STAR magazine).
11. The Hammock. I had to add it. My brother-in-law Ryan reminded me that this is a crucial part of summer. Mmmmm.
12. Moonshine. Not a reason I am looking forward to summer, but the guys told me to add it. Whatever.


Anonymous said...

MMMMMM I love love love grape pop!!!!

Haley Marie Ross said...

aaaahhhhh spitz!!!!!

Viola said...

HAHAHA that was my AAAAHHHH spitz!!!!

Carol Thompson said...

I love grape pop! And campfires, and hotdogs (but I'm seriously so pathetic because KD and Hotdogs is seriously one of my favourite dishes). Last year, we had to live in a campground for a month while we were selling our house in Grande Prairie -- I thought I'd never want to camp again, but I'm back to getting that camping itch. As the dichotomy that I am, I still camp and wear makeup. Yup, I'm THAT girl.