Sunday, April 5, 2009

10 Randoms

10 Things It Would Seem I Collect
There are some things, that without having put forth any effort, have become so numerous one could call them a "collection". These are mine...
1. Buttons. Some are rude, some are funny & some are totally cute. I seem to be amassing buttons at a rather alarming rate. They are on my bags, my bulletin boards & this little picture frame became their victim.
2. Water Bottles. No idea where they all come from but I have at least 8. Who needs 8 water bottles? In my defense, one of them is from my 7th grade Outward Bound program. I keep stuff.
3. SNL DVD's. I didn't set out to collect them all. In fact, I don't even know if I do. But I would be willing to bet I am pretty close. My favs? Gilda Radner, Jimmy Fallon, Molly Shannon & The 25th Year Anniversary DVD.
4. Tickets. I guess I keep tickets. Upon investigation I found tickets for the following events: Scrapfest (2006), Dixie Chicks (2006), Deborah Digiovanni (2 weeks ago), Cirque's du Soleil's Mystere (2006), CKU (2006), Just For Laughs (2004), A boarding pass for a trip to Cuba (2003), George Strait (2004), AFL Carlton v. Geelong (2003)... there are lots more. With an exception of a few, I never made any effort to keep them, they just stuck around. I also have an old $2 bill in my wallet. I'll keep that.
5. Re-usable Bags. I am mad at myself for this one... this is just ignorant. I have cloth bags from Lulu Lemon, Sobey's, Roots, M&M's, RW&Co., and so many more. I think I got most of them for free. No excuses, I don't need anymore.
6. Skate/Surf Stickers. I sort of did collect these. I had every intention of covering my snowboard with them. Glad I didn't. What should I do with them now?
7. Cookbooks. I love Cookbooks. Love them. I have at least 40. That might sound excessive, but believe me, it isn't. I have combed through each & every one. I have used post-its to mark what recipes I'd like to try. Then, after I try them, I rate them and assign them a new post-it note colour. Oh yeah, I'm THAT geeky. One's I think you should buy: Williams Sonoma Bride & Groom Cookbook (It was a wedding gift. The book will say... While the groom chops onions, the bride should be grating Parmesan. Cooking for 2. I love it.) Good Cooking by Jill Dupliex, Express Lane Meals by Rachael Ray, The Home Baker, and Squeezed by Jane Lawson ( 250 juices + smoothies...yum.)
8. Single Socks. Where the heck did the other one go? I'm keeping them in case it shows up.
9. Mugs. I worked at Starbucks long enough to have a Mug Museum. Oops. Funny thing is, my favourite mug (we all have one) was 25 cents at a garage sale.
10. Running T's. I went to put away the T-shirt that I got at the race this morning. The drawer wouldn't close... and my running career isn't very well established! But I want to keep them because they all represent an accomplishment. You know what would be an even bigger accomplishment? Cleaning out my drawers...


Tasha said...

I collect mugs too--City Mugs, from Starbucks. Also cookbooks, and I tag them too. But I might have to jack the rating system--this could help. Um oh yes, I keep meaning to tell you, did you know that Abby on SNL is the first 2nd generation cast member? Her Dad was on it for a year back in the day. I don't know his name, but you would recognize him as a creepy guy from movies.

kaly said...

I hope you actually use your re-usable bags for groceries and other things!
I collect plants. Even though we're running out of room for them, I still seem to want them all!
I used to collect sewing patterns until I realized that I might have only used one out of twenty or so. Now I try to only buy what I absolutely KNOW I will use!
It's so hard when everything looks so cute and you think that you are superwoman and you can do it all!

Carol T said...

I use my cloth bags in my storage room. I put up those 4 hook thingies and then made big tags, laminated them, and tied them to the bags. They store extension cords, magazines for cutting up, etc., all off the floor and on the wall!