Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 Randoms. A day early!

It's Valentine's Day! I'm a sucker for any holiday that involves decorating & celebrating. So, you bet I am celebrating Valentine's Day! The house is decorated & my Valentine is done, so I'm posting my 10 randoms early. In honor of the love-y dove-y occasion, my top 10 will be ridiculously sappy. Here it goes....

10 Reasons I Love my Husband, Brian.

1. He knows me more than anyone else. I know it's true & proof is in this year's Valentine's gift which is so perfectly me.
2. He let me decorate our master bedroom a little girly. And by a little, I mean A LOT.
3. He makes me breakfast in bed. Randomly. And his pancakes (pictured above) are fabulous and always come cutely stacked.
4. He has yummy smelling aftershave.
5. He once stood in line for and hour & a half to get me a cupcake.
6. He "gets" scrapbooking. I can't stand men who don't "get" scrapbooking. It's about ME & time for ME (and shopping). He "gets" that.
7. He notices little details that are important to me. (Like when I set the table with pretty napkins).
8. He's a sexy bitch.
9. He loves our son. He changes diapers, cleans up puke & mixes rice cereal.
10. He loves me. He told me so.


Lee-Anne said...

That is so cute. You have a keeper Haley!

Anonymous said...

As a bystander I have observed a bit of this...of the special way he treats you...and have always thought Brian was a good guy ...what a nice Valentine's you gave him too by expressing it to the world that way...I am so glad you two have each other and now Miles too! happy 1/2 price chocolate day!

Kimberly said...

you're right. he IS a sexy bitch...