Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Randoms....2 days late.

As per my agreement with Mrs.Collis, here are my "10 randoms" for the week

(Jesse, yes you Jesse Stein, I hope you are doing these too!)

My Top 10 Comfort Items

1. Food. Cheese mainly. The best? Brie. With Jelly.

2. Archie Comics. (Easy to read, no brain-power required. Make me smile.)

3. Thick socks. I bought the best Burton pair for skiing this weekend. So thick. So fabulous. Kept my toesies so warm.

4. Miles Davis. Or Dexter Gordon. Any Jazz music really.

5. A hot water bottle. I get such cold feet (see #3)

6. Red Wine. A nice Pinot Nior.

7. Brian.

8. 7pm. Miles' bedtime. Sometimes just thinking about 7pm comforts me.

9. Tall, Soy, No Water, Tazo Chai Latter from Starbucks.

10. My scrapbooks. The finished ones. It's nice to see my memories & my accomplishments all in one nice bundle.

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