Friday, March 2, 2012


Best day ever. 
I woke up to happy kids. Actually had time to get ready & left the house wearing clothes that were NOT wrinkled. I quickly chatted with a friend which made me all warm & fuzzy (Love you K.) & then RAN out the door (honestly forgetting my gym bag which resulted in not having to work out, yessssss.)

Had a Starbucks & then I met my SIL at Ethos on 17th ave to order my bridesmaid dress for her wedding. It is going to be gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as she will be (seriously, she has the most beautiful dress).

I got my 'hair did' downtown at Hedkandi Salon which was a Christmas pressie (the last one to be used up) and even splurged on some Bb products. I decided to go for a fringe again, so glad I did. I love it (until I have to grow it out of course...).

This stuff smells amazing & came in this cute bag.... which I now have to find a use for because I can't possibly throw it away...

I stopped at The Silk Road Spice Company on the way home. I grabbed a loaf of Sidewalk Citizen bread for lunch tomorrow (unless I eat it all tonight). If you are a sour dough lover, you NEED to try this bread. Or one of his scones. mmmm. Scoooones.

 I looove that store. You know what's weird? I don't get a headache in that store. I mean, you walk in & you are hit with a wall or aromas, but for some reason, it works. It doesn't overwhelm me or make me nauseated. 

Todays purchases were Lemon Peel (for muffins...mmmm), Mulling Spices (for mulled wine or cider), Whole Ginger (to use in a recipe I have for goats cheese marinade) & Terragon.

You know why all this was possible? Because my husband made it possible. He is just the greatest in the world. The whole world. And today his new Jeep broke down & he still made sure I had my day away from the kids to get stuff done (Thanks to Michelle too, we love you.). Best Guy Ever.

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Nyssa said...

Haley!!! I LOVE your hair! You are soo pretty. You always were, but I really like it. I miss you tons! I am really really really going to try to make it to Vegas while you are there so I can see you!