Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy Busy in a Tizzy?

So today I started to enjoy quilting. I have to admit I left the first class thinking "What have I gotten myself into? That was stressful!!!". But today I started to enjoy it. 

Maybe because I could finally see it coming together, but also because there was less cutting (which stressed me out) and more sewing (I love the hummmm of my machine).

Here is what my first block will look like, and hopefully* there will be three more that look the exact same.... although I will settle for similar. 

Finishing this block & the last three are my 'homework' for the week. I haven't had 'homework' in years... I managed to get last weeks done (on Friday night, of course). It will be nice when the class is done just to be able to quilt at my own pace (which is painfully slow). I already have the next quilt I would like to do 'pinned' on pinterest & I am eyeing up more fabric.... oh boy.


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Great post except for the photo of me! Have I ever told you how much I hate my bangs! LOL! Well I thought I would gloat and say I finished my homework last night :) Keener I know but I find solace in the fact that the other lady will probably be 10 steps ahead of me anyway :)

kaly said...

I KNOW!!!! Cutting is the WORST! I hate having to true up my fabric. It's tedious, but worth it in the end! I'm so glad you are all doing this. Now we'll have to have quilting bees.