Friday, March 9, 2012

Layout 273

I scrapbooked a bit today... I got a jump-start on the Christmas Layouts (I have 10 planned) I was planning to do at the retreat at the end of the month. Is 10 layouts from one Christmas too many? Should I try to scale down even more? I was talking about this today with a friend who has 3 albums from a 3-week trip she took. I think that's acceptable.... but is it? Is it too much? 

I always figured as ling as I was having fun, who cares.... but I am so far behind I will NEVER catch up, and that doesn't feel fun.... 

Also, should I straighten the matted photos on the left? Does it look weird that they are on an angle while the rest of the layout is straight? Ugh... here I go... questioning myself already.

1 comment:

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Do you feel like 10 is too many? If you don't then go with it, the memories mean something to you. of course if you need a ruthless photo choose you know where to find me! I would leave it tilted. I like that it is unexpected and adds playfulness to the layout!