Sunday, March 18, 2012

Productivity Report

Today is the first day since 2007 that I have not had a Facebook account. 

At least 12 times I got as far as the login page before I remembered. I also needed to get ahold of a woman I would call my friend, but I don't have her phone number. Or email address. So I had to look her up (first time ever using the 2010 phone book). Hmm. That makes me think that maybe I should be valuing my friends a little better than I have been, you know, putting a little more effort into being a friend than just 'liking' their funny status.

I spent most of today 'slimming down' (not in weight, in stuff). The other day I was telling someone how much stuff we have gotten rid of & I started thinking....she must think I am nuts. I have SO much stuff. So I am starting back at square one. Organizing (aren't these little coloured pencils cute? The kids love them!), sorting, throwing out, recycling & repurposing.

Brian and I have decided to move into the city (There! I said it!) and while we are happy with our decision, we also know that the only way we can possibly consider this move is by simplifying our lives. And so today, back at square one, I counted the number of mugs I own. 49! I text Brian "When was the last time we invited 47 people over for coffee?" I don't even drink coffee!!! So we are down to 18 mugs. It seems like a lot still, but some have sentimental value (spoken like a true hoarder!) so I will think about letting them go for a bit longer.

Needless to say, I wish it were Garage Sale season, as I have a dinning room table FULL of stuff to get rid of (anyone need an ice cube tray or wooden spoon?).

Along with all of the progress on 'de-stuffing', and without Facebook, I also found time to make muffins. Or Not-Cakes as Molly calls them. Quinoa Lemon-Blueberry.

Putting my dried Lemon zest from Silk Road Spice Shoppe to good use.

These muffins have a bit of a different texture. Not bad, just different. The kids loved them, so did I. And they are pretty healthy as far as muffins go. The recipe is from Quinoa 365 (I'm not sure there are any recipes I haven't tried left...).

So it was a pretty good afternoon. Now I am waiting (impatiently) for Brian to get home. He is bringing me some old lockers from work & I am drying to have a look at them. I think I am going to go to Restoration Hardware to get some cool hardware for them & paint them yellow. I bet the kids will think they're pretty cool. I was glad he thought that I might want them, because I so do. (But yes, something will have to go out so they can come in...).

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kaly said...

Wow! Wow. You'll be moving farther away! Sadness.
Good for you on decluttering and repurposing. I need some of your motivation in my house! It was a lofty goal of mine at the start of the year, but not a lot has been done. There was a quote I read somewhere that if you don't think it is useful or beautiful, it shouldn't be in your home. Hmmm. Now to actually put that into practice. So many things we keep onto for sentimental value... we need to chat more about this, there's so much to say!