Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Letter.

Dearest Facebook,
 I need to know if my life is better without you. I need to know that my happiness & sadness does not depend on you. I need to say Goodbye. Not forever. Just for 30 days. Let's call it a Ross & Rachel style 'break' (but know that I will still cheat on you with Twitter.). I need to remember that it is still fun to experience life even if you don't post about it. I need to remember what it was like when I didn't inform people I was eating Fruit Loops or watching Community. And I've been neglecting you anyway, and you deserve better. I've been busy with friends, and life. I've been busy living status updates instead of making them. And I don't have time for your 'Swap Groups' or 'Mommy Groups', I mean, I do have time, but there are better ways to spend it. So,

Goodbye Facebook
Love Always, Haley xo

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kaly said...

Wow! Good for you! I use FB so rarely, but I feel the same way you do. I do have self-restraint when it comes to FB. But reading blogs... and doing searches... and Pinterest... that's a whole other story!