Monday, March 5, 2012

By 9:21

Maybe it's that the days are getting longer, all I know is that my days are starting much earlier. The good thing is I seem to be accomplishing more, the bad news is I am wrecked by midnight (In the past, I have usually stayed up until 2 am). 

So here I am... up early with nowhere to be. So I decided to tackle the headboard I had been meaning to make for Miles for two years. I bought the fabric when we was born to make a valance. And that clearly didn't happen. So when I got a great padded headboard from one of Granny Ross' friends, I was thrilled. But then it sat in the garage for 6 months. And this morning I brought it in.

It took me only 30 minutes to steam & recover...

... and then another 30 minutes to attach it to the bed (In my defense, it took me over 20 minutes to find the appropriate screws in our messy garage. Wait, that might not be in my defence. Anyway....). 

I am so happy with it. It's super cute. The fabric was really forgiving in it's pattern so it wasn't hard to line up at all. I have about 1/4 m left so I need to think of something to do with it.... maybe a throw pillow? Or a pyjama bag?

And the headboard was made & 'installed' by 9:21.    <------ Without any help from my husband but with the help of two little ones (which isn't really help at all).


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

So awesome! And the fact that you had it done by 9:21! That is amazing! Now if only all projects would go that easy :)

Jennifer DeWolfe said...
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kaly said...

Awesome Haley! Good job. You could make a book holder for the side of the bed with the extra fabric. I keep meaning to make one for Otto, and when I finally do, I'm sure I'll have to make one for Atlas too!