Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dinner for One (with leftovers)

Tonight I was on my own... The kids had already eaten ( Poor little Miles, he is sick so when he finally asked for Kraft Dinner I had to oblige) and Brian was off to work. I hate making dinner for one. It seems like so much effort for such a small amount of return. Most of the time I settle on a yogurt or toast. But I went to the gym this afternoon for a good workout & I was hungry. So I put in 15 minutes (not even) and made myself a kick-butt salad. So glad I did. This recipe is really for two people, but I ate more than half (surprise!) & there's a little left over for Brian when he gets home from work late tonight.

The 'Sitch': Cube an avocado, drain & break-up a tin of tuna (I like the kind that comes packed in water), splash it around in some lemon juice & a glug of olive oil. Throw in a thinly sliced green onion & a handful of cherry tomatoes (halved). Add a little paprika & pepper. Mix it up & throw it onto a bed of arugula. Deeeelish.

I got the recipe from Chef Michael Smiths Favourite Recipes book... and added it to arugula. I looove arugula. He serves it in the avocado skins which looks so cute, and is good for portion control..... but I was having none of that tonight.


Tasha said...

What the hhhhhhhhhh I went on holidays and came back and so much has changed with you! Moving! FB delete! Ack! It always amazes me how we end of doing similar things in our lives-- we are in the process of getting rid of things/organizing etc and Jeff forbade me from buying new mugs to go with my new dishes butni did anyway and I love them. I have way too many too, largely because I collect the Starbucks city mugs. I'm sad you aren't on fb because ei just uploaded new pics! And I admire your quilting, I have always wanted to quilt but I am intimidated by the required accuracy :)

Tasha said...

pS Thought these might be cute for your scraps

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