Thursday, March 1, 2012

How I Really Feel About Pinterest

I'm going to tell you how I really feel: Overwhelmed. Pinterest was clearly not made for people like me. By that I mean people who have anxiety or are "functioning perfectionists". I am both. Nothing stresses me out more that feeling like I have lists (or boards) of things I cannot complete.

And that's exactly what Pinterest is to me. Neurotic, huh? But I will only add items that I can see myself completing in the near future. And when I finish them, I am sure to quickly remove them. 

I worry that if I had more than 100 items pinned (I don't) then I would lose sight of the projects that really wow-ed me, in amongst the ones I could never afford to put time or effort into.

In case you are wondering, I am like this with MOST of my life. And yes, my husband IS a saint.

So here we are working on a Pinterest project... I enjoy the process, but also look forward to removing it from my board so that I can focus on the next project. 

 And I do "GET" that it's about sharing ideas and inspiration. And not about making a TO DO list. For most people. But not for me. For me it is a dark looming (yet visually appealing & appetizing) To Do list. And so I try to keep it under control, (How happy are you at this moment that you aren't neurotic me & don't have to live inside my head? Haha!) I try to keep it "manageable".

This project (not done) making Jar Toppers was a great one. The animals are from the dollar store & the jars were gathered from women around town who responded to my Facebook post. Believe it or not, we rarely have jars in our house... we never buy pre-made sauces or pickles... and I buy Costco sized jam (which leaves me with a  giant jar every 4 months).

I already had the paints so the project cost $12 (I had to buy a spray-on coating). And Miles loved painting (and then I went over it with a second coat). It's going to look super cute when it's done. I'll post pictures.

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