Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Loot - It's What Matters Most.

I remember going to Birthday parties as a kid & dying with the anticipation of getting my hands on a Loot Bag. The coveted Loot Bag. I lived for it. And while cake & games were important, make no mistake, I was there for the Loot Bag. It was what deserved for having to sit through someone else open presents.

Fast forward 25 years and I am a Mom who doesn't like "Birthday Parties" (we've been through this, I have my reasons). And yet somehow, I keep throwing them.... (But on a weeknight so it remains short & sweet. And small.) So tomorrow is Molly's 2nd Birthday. And I've invited some people over for Hot Dogs and Cake. And a Loot Bag. Because no matter how small or simple of a party it may be, there will NEVER be a party at the Ross house with no Loot.

Of course Miles heard the crinkling of candy wrappers and was eager to help. Here he is modelling the gag glasses. Molly wanted to have a Hockey birthday. My little girl wanted hockey (I know.).

 Miles stuffed the bags & I tied the ribbons and pennants. It was priceless watching him place each item into the bags... He was deep in thought & didn't once ask for anything....

... until we were done. When each bag was tied with yellow ribbon & a Calgary Flames pennant, he looked them all over & said "Mom, do you think Molly will give me one of these Loot Bags?". I said that I'd put money on it. He seemed to be alright with that answer.

Brian should be home soon. We are moving all of the furniture out of the living room to make an indoor 'rink' so the little ones can play hockey.... it sounds like a nightmare but I think it might actually be okay (we have foam pucks of course). 

I am excited to see the look on Molly's face when she wakes up tomorrow morning to see the house all decorated for her birthday. Last year she thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. I think she will this year too.

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